Paul’s Second Journey – Worth preaching on?


Acts Chapter 15-18


Is it a story of an epic journey?

Is it a story of overcoming deceit and violence?

Is it a story of getting the truth out there?

Well, it is all of these; it is just a great story.

In Paul’s Second Missionary Journey we have false imprisonment, lying charlatans and formidable thinkers. But our courageous missionary takes them all on and wins through.

How do we know that?

We are Christians today because he did!

Yet, to encompass the whole of Paul’s Second Journey into one sermon is impossible.

What preparations we do we need to preach on it?

One solution is to focus on a few aspects applicable today.


So, in my sermon, I will concentrate on:

  • Paul gets the authority to go out on Christ’s behalf from:
    • Apostles particularly Peter
    • Whole Church in Jerusalem and Antioch


  • Paul starts by strengthening his existing communities:
    • by settling disputes
    • encouraging community
    • advising on bringing in of new members

  • Paul then establishes new communities by:
    • going into new places
    • discussions with ordinary people
    • winning arguments with the learned of Athens

  • Paul always used reasoned and well-informed arguments to achieve these goals.


Take-Home Message

  • You have the ‘go-ahead’ from the risen Christ to win discussions
  • You need to be alive to people who are thinking of the greater things in life
  • You can bring an enquirer to Christ by your argument and witness.

Sermon to follow……


Please make a comment if you agree or disagree with my thoughts.

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