Rules serve a higher purpose, but being too keen to keep the rules can rob their purpose. Some referees (refs) are far too pernickety and whistle-blow for the slightest thing. In contrast other refs allow play to continue for a potential greater advantage for the offended. We much prefer refs with a sense of humour [...]

Competition, Character and Covenant

  We can use sports, especially football (soccer) to grow character, life skills, self-awareness and esteem. Competitive sport, even if it’s only yourself or your personal best that you’re competing against, is a tremendous auditorium for learning. Numerous worthies, also-rans, rascals and ragamuffins, come to life on finding their feet in sport and team. But our [...]

Being together

BEING TOGETHER In our reading (below) Paul is inviting us into a new life. Like a good coach he’s not giving us blanket encouragement or blanket criticism. He’s setting us a goal and giving us a sense of how to get there. He’s not saying you’re all amazing. He’s not saying you’re all rubbish. He [...]