When did we stop asking questions?

‘What the hair oil?’ - My mother exclaimed this bizarre phrase whenever she was perplexed. Whatever it meant, it came from trying to fathom something outwith her experience. It expressed wonder.   Children have a wonderful dimension of wonder. Listen to teenagers and their ideas for world rank from the zany to the deeply sensible, sometimes [...]


DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF So, this one time, in a hospital that will be nameless, my brother and I were on-call for our various specialities and this young woman is blue alighted in the front door. She is, what we call in the business, “Big Sick”. She will basically be dead in the next [...]


Rules serve a higher purpose, but being too keen to keep the rules can rob their purpose. Some referees (refs) are far too pernickety and whistle-blow for the slightest thing. In contrast other refs allow play to continue for a potential greater advantage for the offended. We much prefer refs with a sense of humour [...]

Competition, Character and Covenant

  We can use sports, especially football (soccer) to grow character, life skills, self-awareness and esteem. Competitive sport, even if it’s only yourself or your personal best that you’re competing against, is a tremendous auditorium for learning. Numerous worthies, also-rans, rascals and ragamuffins, come to life on finding their feet in sport and team. But our [...]