Sermon writing tips – Part 3

Introduction Latest video on writing a Christian talk for a group or congregation. This movie deals with the actual writing and reviewing of your speech's script. Video   Feedback If you found this video useful in your sermon preparation, please leave a like or comment. Similarly, if there is room for improvement, let me [...]

Paul’s Second Journey – Worth preaching on?

Introduction Acts Chapter 15-18 Is it a story of an epic journey? Is it a story of overcoming deceit and violence? Is it a story of getting the truth out there? Well, it is all of these; it is just a great story. In Paul's Second Missionary Journey we have false imprisonment, lying charlatans and formidable thinkers. [...]

Pentecost – Moving Day

Acts 2.1-13   Traditionally, Church of Scotland clergy has been ordained to the ‘ministry of word and Sacrament’. There's a wonderful term for you, ‘word and sacrament’!   What could it possibly mean today?   This week, I decided I would write my own ministry mission statement. After much head scratching, I came up with [...]