Beginnings’ Offering

Another wonderful poem from Daryl…


Priority to set
Of gifting to prepare
Awakening this day
Into our time of prayer

Beginnings’ offering
When the mind is clear
One of morning light
Within the open air

Stilling of the soul
To stir the inner ear
Speaking heart to heart
Silence that we share

Birthing of this day
Creator be aware
Of outer and within
Your Presence being here

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Prayer of Thanks for the Gift of Music

This summer. let us all give thanks for music.

Worship Ideas You Can Use

A Prayer of Thanks for the Gift of Music

Dear Lord, thank you for the gift of music and song, especially as we worship you. Thank you for music teachers and choir directors who are willing to take the time to teach the next generation hymns, psalms, and songs that glorify you. The music we hear and the hymns we sing in church come back to our hearts and minds throughout the week, reminding us of your great love and mercy. Amen.

– WELS Mission Prayers

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Find God and hope on St Paul’s odyssey

  Sermon Outline Worth reading Acts  Chapter 15-18 Introduction You know the feeling! It's time to speak at an important meeting. One of my drill instructors used to shout when I was in the Navy  - 'you give the best show with preparation, perspiration and panache. Paul's Second Missionary Journey These qualities we see abounding in [...]

Video – God is our refuge

Introduction A video on being still and contemplating Psalm 46 - God is my refuge. I made this movie in Templeton Wood, Dundee Scotland using just my smartphone. Why not have a go yourself?  I would love to see the result.