Bad week for ‘religion’?


The Pleiades star cluster was high in the east last night. For, it is a sure sign that autumn is upon us when ‘The Seven Sister’s’ rise towards their zenith. The magnificence of this nursery for new-born suns, over 400 light years away, is undeniable. What better masterpiece of God’s creativity can be seen?

The word ‘religion’ hasn’t had a good week. Faiths were damaged by ethnic cleansing in Burma, the London Tube bombing, wars in Syria…..the list goes on.

Yet the misusing of religious tags for violence is no part of a faith revealed to those who search for it. The multitudinous acts of goodness by believers should not be denied because of the perversion of their honorable traditions. The charity of millions cannot be sullied by the evil of few usurpers.

So, when we hear extremism cited against a good God, mention the compassion he inspires in humanity. Then, grab binoculars and discover the Pleiades. Since, the Creator of this exquisite starlight would wish no less beauty for his greatest work – life itself.


Live long and help others prosper.


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