6 April – What to do this Sunday

Christ as presence
Christ as presence


Maybe you can’t get to church this Sunday or you don’t feel comfortable going along. OK – no problem as here is a short worship moment you can have by yourself. Since when ever you meet up with Jesus you are never alone but in his family 

  • Take a moment of silence to find peace. 
  • Read through Psalm 130, a Psalm of Ascent to Jerusalem 
    • This psalm is wholly taken up with the affairs of the soul. It is also one of the seven penitential psalms, which have sometimes been said by those becoming church members. But we all can apply it to ourselves.
    • The psalmist here expresses,
      • I. His desire towards God (v. 1, 2).
      • II.His repentance before God (v. 3, 4).
      • III. His attendance upon God (v. 5, 6).
      • IV. His expectations from God (v. 7, 8). 
  • Then pray:

Breath of life, 
We think of those who cry out to you today, 
of those who long for the morning, 
of those who are waiting for the long 
a trial to end. 
We pray that our ears will be attentive 
to their cry, 
that we will stand with them, 
steadfast together in your love, 
bringing life before death. 

If you don’t have a Bible handy, here is a link to Psalm 130 

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