What ever happened to Kodak? 

The question of what happened to Kodak, started me thinking. For the honest truth is no one wanted its products any more. So it joined the long line of companies that have bvanished without trace.   Is then the church heading for the same fate? Possibly,  in fact more than possibly. However don't think I [...]

New Ministry Today School launched

Today saw the launch of  the online Ministry Today Training School. Hosted by the popular micro-course site, Coursmos, this will offer exciting and modern courses, entirely free, in skills for ministry and the leading of worship. To visit the school, please click here. 

Christ as Welcome

I suppose, in a way, I am a professional wedding goer. By that I mean I am often invited to conduct weddings in hotels and other grand venues. Now I am usually there very early to make sure everything is ready for the ceremony. As a result, I get on the chat with the staff. [...]

What to do this Sunday – 27 April 2014

Not able to go to church this Sunday - don’t worry. Here is a short act of worship.   Firstly still your minds, concentrate on breathing slowly and letting go of the future.   Focussing on the ‘now’  by relaxing into the music clip below.   Read the story of Christ appearing to disciples articularly [...]

What to do this Sunday – 13 April

If church is out for this Sunday, here is a short act of worship that can keep the spiritual tanks topped up!   Take a few moments to find peace - maybe contemplate the words  in the box to the left.   Next read Jesus' entry into Jerusalem in Matthew 21.1-11 If you don't Bible [...]

6 April – What to do this Sunday

  Maybe you can't get to church this Sunday or you don't feel comfortable going along. OK - no problem as here is a short worship moment you can have by yourself. Since when ever you meet up with Jesus you are never alone but in his family  Take a moment of silence to find [...]