Pentecost – Moving Day

Acts 2.1-13   Traditionally, Church of Scotland clergy has been ordained to the ‘ministry of word and Sacrament’. There's a wonderful term for you, ‘word and sacrament’!   What could it possibly mean today?   This week, I decided I would write my own ministry mission statement. After much head scratching, I came up with [...]

Do you understand?

Do you understand?   Acts 8.26-40   One of my favourite visits when we are on holiday in Durham is the local air museum. Very much a self-help operation, there is a certain air of how things used to be before electronic screens. This sense is heightened by their reconstruction of a wartime street. In [...]

The Spirit is willing!

Acts 2.1-13; 1 Cor 12.1-11   We talk about the gift’s given by God in rather a strange way. We say someone is a gifted musician or artist. We say to a friend – you have the gift of listening. We even say sarcastically – someone thinks they are God’s gift too – well you [...]