Breaking with Jesus

Luke 5.33-39 Anyone who has pumped up a bicycle tyre with a small hand pump will know it takes ages. And of course, the more air you put in the tube the harder it gets. That proves that rubber is a very strong yet flexible material. Pity they didn’t have it in Jesus' day. They [...]

A Strange Photo

It was the strangest thing ever! I have this great vision of a photograph of hills in the background and speeding cars in front. So, I fiddled with camera controls and filters to get the right amount of vehicle blur that my muse had dictated. The first image showed the landscape but had only captured [...]

The Patrolman’s warning

Who has not said a silent prayer of thanks on the arrival of the repair van when we have broken down far  from home. This was the situation anticipated many years ago in Britain. For the government has introduced currency controls and as a result most had decided to have a holiday within the country.  [...]