Broken Institutions

BROKEN INSTITUTIONS In the recent TV drama 'Broken', Vernon, a disturbed young man, has been shot by police in a bungled operation. Those involved collude to deflect the blame away from themselves and towards Vernon. Others, including Father Michael, know the truth, and are driven to see justice done, and are prepared to protest and place [...]

Stuck behind a tractor?

You know the feeling! You are driving along a narrow country road behind a  tractor dawdling along. A queue of traffic is now building up as there is no place to pass.     What can we do? We could let your blood pressure increase. We are also tempted to take a dangerous risk. Or, [...]

The Good Bouncer!

Psalm 23 John 10.1-4 My old school song was in Latin. And when I was taught it in primary school, we weren’t even given a translation.  So, even today, I can recite it at break-neck speed without the first idea of what it means. A tribute then to the memory of youth. A similar feat [...]