Broken Community

Broken community   In the drama 'Broken', within Father Michael’s parish, people face one another in anger. There has been verbal abuse. There has been violence. Distrust of the police is at a high level. An awareness of exploitative gambling has led to widespread destruction of machines. In the midst of it all Michael leads worship, prays [...]

Royal guide through danger

The Lake District of northern England is beautiful and inspires beauty. For, having grown up on Arthur Ransome’s Swallows and Amazons, I will always see pirates, explorers and hidden treasure in its hills and waters. However, other authors also have found their destiny there. In fact, this area’s preservation is thanks largely to Beatrix Potter, [...]

The Good Bouncer!

Psalm 23 John 10.1-4 My old school song was in Latin. And when I was taught it in primary school, we weren’t even given a translation.  So, even today, I can recite it at break-neck speed without the first idea of what it means. A tribute then to the memory of youth. A similar feat [...]