The Call

The palm reader bleeped and the steel door clicked ajar. Mark Alfred Evans MP pulled on the handle with more confidence than he felt. The buzz in the Secure Conference Room was deafening. On sighting their Minister of the Crown, the melee of uniforms and government grandees hushed to a dull roar. The head man [...]

Self fulfillment with Christ

Anyone who has taken a management or psychology course has heard of Abraham Maslow. He was an American psychologist working in the early part of the last century. And it was his thinking that we all have certain priorities in our lives including survival, safety and fulfilment. But most importantly, he suggested they did not [...]

A Strange Photo

It was the strangest thing ever! I have this great vision of a photograph of hills in the background and speeding cars in front. So, I fiddled with camera controls and filters to get the right amount of vehicle blur that my muse had dictated. The first image showed the landscape but had only captured [...]