Amazing secret of the first men on the Moon

  What did the astronauts first eat on the Moon? You would think it was a NASA protein bar but it turns out to be bread and wine. This month’s edition of a space magazine tells us what actually happened on landing: “In private (Buzz) Aldrin took out a small cup, some wine, and bread [...]


Be gentle, when you touch bread, Let it not be uncared for, unwanted. So often bread is taken for granted. There is so much beauty in bread, Beauty of sun and soil, Beauty of patient toil. Winds and rain have caressed it, Christ often blessed it; Be gentle when you touch bread. Source: A POEM [...]

Communion – the movie in your mind

Just recently, I made a short animated video to promote St Luke’s. As this has proved popular on the web, I thought I might try my hand at one on communion. But then a question struck me. And it is – what is sacrament of Holy Communion really all about? Well, of course, I would [...]