Mocking Bird

  Atticus Finch is known to generations as the hero of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mocking Bird. While his faith in the law as an instrument of justice is severely tested, throughout the book he holds his integrity. Eventually U.S. law would be extended to cover people of every colour, but for true justice [...]

Broken Institutions

BROKEN INSTITUTIONS In the recent TV drama 'Broken', Vernon, a disturbed young man, has been shot by police in a bungled operation. Those involved collude to deflect the blame away from themselves and towards Vernon. Others, including Father Michael, know the truth, and are driven to see justice done, and are prepared to protest and place [...]

Suits and Justice

Last night, I enjoyed an episode of Suits. You’ll probably know the plot line. If you don’t it’s about a young man, Mike Ross,  who pretends to have a Harvard Law degree to work for a successful New York Law firm. However, the story is about him following his heart to get justice. So, Ross [...]

Just forgiving

2 Corinthians 1.23-2.11 Matthew 18.21-35   Last week I was quoting Winston Churchill. And there is no doubt that he was an absolute past master at the put down. To prove my point let me give you a few examples which are often quoted. For he once said - An empty taxi arrived at 10 [...]