God’s Love conquers all

John 3.16-17 1 John 4.7-21 It was some time ago but just as memorable nevertheless. It was at a Lenten study group when a lady from another church said something that still sticks in my memory. She told us that her son had just died. When we all commiserated, she said that the worst thing [...]

Millisecond to Midnight

Professor Frank Timmes illustrates the history of the universe in the scale of one year. So, the Big Bang happened on New Year’s Day. Our Milky Way Galaxy would appear in May and the Sun in September.   On this timeline, humans would start writing 15 second from the end and Columbus would discover America [...]

Weep not for Cassini

Today, we weep for the death of a 20-year-old. Since it was in 1997 that the space probe duo left their home planet bound for Saturn. Cassini lost its friend, the lander Huygens, in 2004. But this sacrifice was not in vain. For Huygens found that Titan was a strange world of mountains and methane [...]