Quasimodo Sunday

John 20.24-30   Here are some useless facts for you! This Sunday is often known in the church as Low Sunday. Why it’s called that isn’t exactly agreed upon. It might be because the passion, drama and wonder of Easter are over. Or it might come from a corruption of the first word of a [...]

Easter – It’s not Christmas!

John 20.1-16     Well, are you ready to rush home and open your presents?           Are itching to get on with cooking the turkey with all the trimmings?   Are standing by for the arrival of the whole family for a party of crackers, paper hats, riddles and carols?   [...]

A Prayer for Holy Saturday

Each time we do not speak your name for fear of ridicule we deny you. Each time we do not bring your love into a situation we deny you. Each time we fail to see your face in friend of stranger we deny you. Forgive us, as you forgive all who humbly turn to you, [...]

Good Friday – Day of Crucifixions

We laughed and laughed and laughed. How indeed did we laugh!   It was at that classic British sitcom –  Fawlty Towers. Set in a chaotic hotel in some English seaside resort, it was run by the manic Basil Fawlty who got into also sort of scrapes. Take the time his car wouldn't start. So [...]