The treasures of heaven
Receive them today
And if we want more
Simply give them away

Where can we find peace
Through soul with a prayer
In Presence surrounding
To simply be here

To be joy filled
Here is the way
A practice to be
Simply grateful this day

Our purpose of life
The great question of
So easy the answer
Just simply to love

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A Morning


You painted a morning
Of beauty, astound
Such a masterpiece
Of colors abound

You sung a morning
Of silence, profound
A glorious psalm
Without a sound

You bless the morning
Just look all around
From heaven above
To here on the ground

Did you send this morning
So I could be found
Here in this moment
As your Presence surrounds

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Quantum Afterlife

If you want to read about an utterly fantastical world, don’t read Harry Potter – read quantum physics. There you will hear about particles being in two places at once, nothing being certain only probable and even forces going back in time. Well, I have nearly always felt Christ’s presence around me. In a way [...]

Gift of Exhaling


Into your Presence
Blessed time to pray
And onto my knees
Breath taken away

A gift of exhaling
Of burdens outpour
Muscles relaxing
Into arms that adore

A breath of surrender
Acknowledgement true
Completely dependent
Of the grace of You

In comfort so deep
A breath of divine
Mortal and Spirit
Here intertwine

May this life of breathing
Be through lungs of the soul
Let the breath of the Spirit
Here now take control

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Being Something Beautiful


Being something beautiful
Beginning with a prayer
To feel His love surrounding
And know that truth so clear

Being something beautiful
An easy thing to do
Surrendering to God
And let him transform you

Being something beautiful
Let us each proclaim
For we are in God’s eyes
All one in the same

Being something beautiful
Can be found right here
Through blessing of his presence
Grace is everywhere

Being something beautiful
Our message, let it be
The Word to every soul
In them is what we see

Being something beautiful
Our joy this day to share
With our unique own giftings
With a heart to care

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A shard of goodness – Advent ‘I am Gabriel!’ With those words, the Angel of the Lord made clear he was not to be trifled with. Unfortunately, Zacharias did so trifle. So, he was struck dumb for his troubles. This was all because he doubted the good news that he and his elderly wife were to have son. Photo by [...]

Most Important Question


Our most important question
Of asking everyday
Even if we don’t
We answer anyway

One of the eternal
The state of your soul
Direction of your life
Who do you give control?

So many voices calling
Tempting offers, be
Pride, shouting the loudest
Just let it be me

We know these to be empty
Long for a better way
Turn unto the light
To listen now and pray

To the still small voice
Which does not poke or prod
Of loving invitation
Would you let me, be your God?

Such an easy answer
For soul to be blessed
The joy of accepting
With a simple, yes

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