Just being there

With the New Year disappearing in the rear mirror, it is time to pack the decorations away. We will soon wrap the nativity story up in a box for another year. And as the attic hatch closes, we can easily forget that story’s characters. Since none were historical figures of great power, wealth, or talent. They had one simple qualification – they were there in faith.

Take the shepherds. They were at the manger by having faith in the angel’s message. The wise men were there by having faith in some astrological prognostication. Anna and Simeon were in the Temple by holding onto faith through life’s troubles.

Perhaps then, in 2022, we need to acknowledge those who are just there in faith. The old woman who serves coffee in the church hall and listens when no one else will. The man who helps out a neighbour through faith in community. The caregiver looking after an elderly relative because of a faith in loyalty.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

We too can treasure the moments we have been there for others. We can also steel ourselves to do so in the future. For, despite the cost of these moments of faith, they do bring us back to the Christ child and his faith in us.  

For reflection:

  • Which Bible character to you remember only because they were there?
  • When were you grateful recently for someone just being there for you?
  • How can we look out for being there for another in the future?
Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

2 thoughts on “Just being there

    1. Thanks, Irvin for your comment. I have been a full-time carer recently and have not managed to post any meditations. Hopefully, I can get started again.

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