Wise innocence in Advent

Photo by Vinu00edcius Vieira ft on Pexels.com

The cartoon shows the Wise Men on the way to Bethlehem. One is saying – I still think we should have gone for the Pampers, tiny vests and a teddy! The truth is the Nativity story has remoulded more times than even Dicken’s Christmas Carol. It is used to argue for all sorts of causes including homelessness, refugees and political oppression. Since many of the world’s ills are represented in its few short lines.

Photo by Carlos Roberto Cu00f3rdova on Pexels.com

Yet despite all of that, its theology is reasonably undisputed. It is God born to be held in human hands. It is God reaffirming his creation as potentially good. It is God with us.

So, as we gather in schools, halls, and churches to see little girls sitting by a manger surrounded by boys in tea towels, let us still be overawed. Let us be open to the enormity of what we are seeing. Let us put aside the ups and downs of the past and be revived by the fresh innocence of it all. After all, that is what God did two thousand years ago.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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