Rebuild the Temple now!

John 2.13-23

Today we consider Jesus’ clearing of the Temple. On the face of it, the scandal that he seems to be correcting is simply the sale of animals. However, he would have known that the provision of livestock was essential to the primary purpose of this building. Since it existed almost entirely for animal sacrifice.

Reading between the lines, perhaps Christ was objecting to a racket the traders were perpetrating on long-travelled pilgrims.

Either way, there is a warning for us here.

For, we can become obsessed with church buildings, finances and meetings.

We can find stability in rules and regulations when attendances are falling.

In essence, the tangible can override the important.

Because every congregation is built not with bricks and mortar but with human beings.

We are all part of the new Temple that is Christ’s body.

The care of this ‘fabric’ then must be our prime purpose.

The maintenance of our relationships one with another and with God must be our capstone.

The turning of church from a noun to a verb should be our zeal, vision and, when needed, sacrifice.

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