Wed yourself to joy

In Britain, the first meal a newly married couple have together is called ‘the wedding breakfast’.

As a minister, I have attended my fair share of wedding breakfasts. Sadly, sometimes after a very busy week, I don’t enter into them with unalloyed joy. Nevertheless, as I leave, I always feel refreshed having made new friends and enjoyed being part of the couple’s special day.

Let’s read about a specialday with a very special guest.

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John 2.1-12

Well, the bride and groom at Cana must have been felt blessed with the attendance Jesus and his disciples.

For, I am sure, they would have joined in fully with the occasion. However, this story also gives us some valuable advice.

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Since, life can become humdrum from time to time. Those days feel as if we are driving along a boring motorway without seeing anything happening.

It is as if our personal milometer is ticking away without any destination in sight.

The first advice then we get from Jesus at Cana is that God has a time and place for everything.

That means finding the patience and faith to wait, to calm down and to allow the Spirit to lead.


But there’s even more important lesson for us here. For there are other passages of our lives when we are convinced that we are at an ending. This could be due to age or infirmity. It might happen in a career or sport even in a relationship. Put simply, we are sure that life is nothing left to offer.

Is then that we need to remember Jesus’ words that he saves the best for last.

With him, our spiritual wine does not run out but only improves.

Life will continue to offer its days of roses even when things seem to be slowly turning to ash.

In faith, we can journey on knowing that maybe even the greatest joy just on the horizon.

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