How to be a rock like Peter

He brought Simon to Jesus, who looked at him and said, “You are Simon son of John. You are to be called Cephas” – this can be translated as ‘The Rock’.

(John 1.42)

Many years ago, as a student, I attended a conference with the well-known Scottish minister, John Bell. When going for coffee, I held the door for him and he replied with, “I see you are a gentle man”.

Now anyone who knows me will admitted there are many occasions when I am far from being a gentle man. Yet in that instant, being gentle was exactly what I wanted to be even if I failed often since.

Jesus was not calling Peter a rock because he was so. In fact, Peter was more like a wobbly jelly. For, he came out with overblown statements which he could not back with actions. But Jesus inspired him to be a rock. He encouraged him to be a rock. He assisted him, in time, to be a rock.

So, in these difficult days and pandemic and introspection, let us be open to Christ giving us a name. Let us aspire to be what he sees in us. Let us give in to his help in becoming our destiny.


Lord, help us to see what we could be

Help us to become who you want us to be

Help us to be worthy of the name Christ has called us to be.


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