It’s all so wonderful

Appreciating the wonders around us.

It is amazing what we don’t see. I realised that during a recent visit to a museum. People IMG_2235awere rushing past the most fascinating exhibits and images. Take this striking picture of a gigantic hand holding a wooden ball. Most visitors walked on without a first let alone a second glance.


But this isn’t surprising as we all do it, all the time. Maybe it’s our obsession with our smartphones, the pressures of today’s’ workplace or that mild anxiety most of us suffer from in modern living. Whatever reason, we live and move and have our being in blindness.

Maureen Lipman, a well-known British actor, tells of taking her terminally ill husband outdoors in a wheelchair. He would view at the clouds, trees and hills with genuine appreciation. Then he would say – It’s all so wonderful!

Perhaps we each need to see the ‘wonderful’ around us before it is too late.


Featured Image -- 1422

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