Five reasons to follow Jesus

Everyone can a changed life with Jesus. Why not try him?

Shocking News


The notorious serial killer Jeffery Dahmer stunned the world when he became a Christian. Yet his living relationship with Jesus changed him profoundly.

This is the same experience of billions on Earth today.

Why should it work for us?


Jesus is a friend

Jesus helped his friends throughout his earthly life.

He even walked over the water to his friends in a dangerous storm.

He also said if we follow him, he will be our friend; a friend is good times and bad.


Jesus is a guide

compass-2733014_1280Jesus helped a corrupt tax-collector get his life back on the right track.

This turned a bad man into a good friend.


If you need help in finding the best way forward, Christ is here to advise.

Jesus is a peacemaker

rescue-642578_1280A man was so weighed down by what he had done, he could no longer walk.

Jesus sorted it all out, released him from his past and helped discover a peaceful future.

Sometimes making peace with others and ourselves can be near impossible; but not for Jesus.

Why not try him?


Jesus is a coach

softball-1511264__340Peter was Jesus’ best friend but his words were often louder than his actions. Jesus knew this.

So he called him a ‘rock’ and Peter became a rock star.

Life can be hard going.

Our ambitions and goals crush easily.

But Jesus is always on hand to encourage, strengthen and even goad us forward.

With him, how can we not get it right?


Jesus gives us eternal life

They killed Jesus, but he came back to life. This wasn’t a party trick. This was to show he can do it for us as well.

In fact, he is just waiting to give us genuine life, and the offer is unlimited.

Pick up your Bible to read the terms.

Don’t worry about the conditions since there aren’t any.


What to do now

If you want to know Jesus as all these, then:

  • sit quietly
  • open your heart and mind
  • just listen.

For, if you do, you will hear his voice.

Then you will shock the world with the new you.


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Jeffery Dahmer article:


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