Lanky Lenny


‘Lanky Lenny!’ – the other kids would parrot after him at school. For Lenny was surely lanky. He was quite small before his teens. Everyone said -’He’ll sprout!’ And that he did – beyond the expectations of his mother, his Aunt Sofie and that complaining neighbour next door. Lenny definitely became lanky.


The problem was, he felt that was all he was. He wasn’t good academically; he hadn’t a musical note in his hands and he was, too lanky, for most sports. The result was that Lenny wasn’t just lanky, we was also lonely. His height separated him from his fellow students for people of any age don’t like those who are different.


Well, our story might have ended with Lenny going to work in a store where then need goods taken off high shelves. But it didn’t. Instead it changed due one understanding individual. One of his teachers put aside the tired cynicism that often pervades that trade and threw a ball at Lenny. Then he shouted – put that through that! The second that referred to a metal hoop mounted high on the gym’s wall. To Lenny it was a piece of cake as they once said (although I have just said it). And that one throw changed his life forever.


Lenny’s career as a basketball player blossomed as his loft helped him take the shot and his growing agility helped him make the shot. More to the point, the ‘Lanky Lenny’ taunts stopped and the younger kids would say in awe – ‘that’s Lenny, you know,  the basketball player’. His contemporaries would also try to slap him on the back, if they could reach, and be proud to be his friend.


Therefore with one chance throw, perhaps two, lonely lanky Lenny learned to live life. Now,  that is an ‘L’ of a story.


Let us pray


Lord, help us to look again

at those who are ’lanky’ in some way or


Then let us love those

who are ‘lanky’ in some way or other.


For that is your way and no other.




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