The trees are talking

Dodging the showers, I went for a stroll in the woods this morning. And as I wandered, I also wondered. For the large trees that surrounded me must have seen many more years than I. They would have lived through times of peace and trouble, times of calm and turmoil and periods of continual change. They however have weathered all that while keeping their beauty and purpose.

legs-434918_1280Whether this post greets you in good weather or bad, I believe there much to be learned from all that hangs on so as to make creation so wonderful. And that message comes most clearly in Jesus’ advice that we read in Matthew 6.34:

Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

So, this summer, let us overcome the challenges of one day before being concerned about the next. Let us open our eyes afresh and see God’s Kingdom hiding within the hills, lochs and sky. Above even these, may we put aside our daily toil to see the marvel of our own being reflected in each opening bloom and every soaring bird. For then life with Jesus will indeed be worth living.

woman and sunset with lamentations 3:25

2 thoughts on “The trees are talking

    1. Thanks for sharing your thought. I always find it difficult to be in the ‘now’. But not doing seems to cause many of my unfounded worries. So, every blessing in your ‘now’.

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