A Winters Dawning

Wonderful poem for a winter’s morning


Soft is the sunrise
Within winters chill
Colors are warming
Moving soul still

A capture of drawing
Transfixed in the glow
Desire to move on
Is lost in letting go

Inner of the calling
With gift of answered prayer
Beauty of the being
This moment that we share

Joy within dwelling
Appearing shining bright
Found a new perspective
In birth of dawning light

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Self fulfillment with Christ

Anyone who has taken a management or psychology course has heard of Abraham Maslow. He was an American psychologist working in the early part of the last century. And it was his thinking that we all have certain priorities in our lives including survival, safety and fulfilment. But most importantly, he suggested they did not [...]

Mindfulness and Prayer

Luke 11.5-13 My grandfather loved knock, knock jokes. His favourite was - knock, knock and we dutifully replied, who's there? Lydia.  Lydia who? Lid-i-a teapot. (This probably only works in a Scots dialect!) Well mercifully this type of jape has gone out of fashion.  But it is useful to see how they work. Of course, [...]

Breaking with Jesus

Luke 5.33-39 Anyone who has pumped up a bicycle tyre with a small hand pump will know it takes ages. And of course, the more air you put in the tube the harder it gets. That proves that rubber is a very strong yet flexible material. Pity they didn’t have it in Jesus' day. They [...]

John v Jesus?

Click for the February podcast... https://soundcloud.com/user801919780/john-versus-jesus   Cover photo by Tcvella - This photo was taken by me during the feast celebrated at Xewkija on June 2013 and added the background on a computer.Previously published: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=554901377882253&set=a.553430561362668.1073741832.111990055506723&type=1&theater, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=29382453