God’s gift of music

sanmenxia-city-2311904_1920Here in Britain we coming to the end of an exceptionally warm summer.

Although the heat was sometimes trying, it was also an invitation to get out and enjoy God’s world. Because, our planet is a truly amazing and beautiful gift.

However, hills and glens are not his only divine donation to our well-being.

This was brought home to me as I listened to a classical music concert during my holiday. Since, in the spiralling tones of any great piece, who can doubt that we hear the very work of God as he gives each instrument its unique voice.

church-1499312_1920.jpgSo as glorious summer turns towards colder days, let us warm ourselves again in worship.

That means, of course, relishing the mutual concern and support we find in any church. It also means listening carefully to each word spoken for our better understanding of Christ.

But let us not forget our music. In fact, let us give every note we sing up to Christ remembering his constant companionship, wisdom and love. For then and only then, do we give back God’s gift music in grateful praise.

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