A Strange Photo

It was the strangest thing ever! I have this great vision of a photograph of hills in the background and speeding cars in front. So, I fiddled with camera controls and filters to get the right amount of vehicle blur that my muse had dictated.

The first image showed the landscape but had only captured the back end of a jalopy swishing past. The next frame displayed the fuzzy side of a bus. It was the final one that was the surprise.

Despite hitting the shutter dead on time, the passing vehicle had just disappeared. In fact, its rapidity had left it as the merest wisp of mist against the rugged grandeur beyond.

This last picture started me thinking how much I had rushed about in the past year going to meetings, ticking off tasks and, yes, writing blogs. However, in the effort to ‘get there’, the view had been ignored. More importantly my haste hadn’t altered the far away landscape by one iota.

Maybe this fall, I’ll concentrate less on speed for the moment and more on changing the longer lasting.


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