Golf and God

american-flag-373362_1920The flags flapped bravely as the US Golf Open got underway. But the devil lay in that ill wind. Since the breeze pushed the flying balls this way and that. Worse still, the greens were so dry that they were like putting on a Swiss glacier.

Now golf duffers like myself took a certain pleasure in the world’s greatest making wild shots and drunken puts. Yet the tournament became increasingly unfair as the weather gods dispensed luck and misery in equal measure. Some commentators claimed that the golf course was unplayable.

Yet through out this farce, one figure seemed unmoved by the dice game being played out. For, steadily travelling forward from golf swing to golf swing, was the lanky figure of dustin_johnsonDustin Johnson. In fact, his bearded face unfailingly portrayed calmness through the randomness.

What was his secret?

Well, a golf coach said he had the power to forget. He could put out of mind the last bad shot and go on. He single-minded looked to the future.

We, as Christians, call Jesus our redeemer. Of course, that opens up huge discussions on that means. But, perhaps for the moment, we can make just one observation. Because many find Christ’s redemption in the same gift of Johnson; the gift to forget. To put aside the bad to find the better. Simply, his blessing of forgetfulness allows us to look to the future despite the blowing wind.


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