Millisecond to Midnight

and2diskProfessor Frank Timmes illustrates the history of the universe in the scale of one year.

So, the Big Bang happened on New Year’s Day. Our Milky Way Galaxy would appear in May and the Sun in September.


On this timeline, humans would start writing 15 second from the end and Columbus would discover America only 5 seconds to midnight. Yet this also means, each of our lives is represented by only a few milliseconds.

Now this is both awe-inspiring and daunting. It takes us to another luminary–the late, great Stephen Hawking who said:

We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But weS-h_quote1 can understand the Universe.

That makes us something very special.

Yet this consciousness opens another human dimension–a sense we are spiritual beings.  By that I mean we feel we are more than skin, bone and neuron. Instead, we know a fuller life transcending these physical limitations.

As a result, most humans are happiest when they are open to all creation, when they know themselves part of a greater story and they have an unbreakable future within and without time.

Is any of this important?



Well, yes, it is! At least it gives us all an argument for morality.

But more importantly, having spiritual insight helps us grasp the foundational principle of a Supreme Being.  Since He alone can turn our millisecond into a new year.


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