Dazzled by the light?

The glorious sight of Venus shining just after sunset, reminded me of a lost love. For I have always been fascinated by the stars and planets. However, there could not be a worse time to have my interest in astronomy rekindled. Since it never gets quite dark at night here in Scotland during June. As result, all but the most blatant of shiny objects are drowned out by the dazzle.  So, my renewed exploration of the starry skies must wait until autumn.

Why I am telling you all this?

Well, in a way, all our days are like these bright northern nights. For we are constantly pokemon-1548194__340.jpgdazzled by the 24/7 flow of news, messages and entertainment. As a result, the capability to focus on just one idea for more than a few minutes in now beyond most of us. In fact, we get so distracted by this multi-coloured glow of distractions, we can no longer see the light of God.

I am told however that if you a sufficiently well aimed telescope, many stars can be seen even in broad daylight. Here then is a reminder of the rewards of putting aside smart phone, tablet and computer for a few downloadmoments and concentrating on what Christ is trying to shine into our lives. Because, be in no doubt that he is still there. He is still sending his own messages despite our blinded  eyes and souls. He still is the most glorious sight in the heavens of both day and night.


Let us then hear the profound wisdom in Daryl Madden’s words:

In moment of Presence

Of letting You pray

Adrift in beyond

Of Spirits bouquet


As a ray of light

All You convey

To cling to this thread

A tether of way


Let us dwell deeply

Allow to let go

Gifts of instilling

That soul only knows


Resting completely

In heavens embrace

A bond beautiful

In this moment of grace

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