City of light and Dark


The sun is warming the ‘Auld Toon’ of Edinburgh. And so, I sit sweltering for a week amongst its medieval buildings and narrow walkways. For it is the annual conference of my denomination called grandly ‘The General Assembly’.

Outside its halls’ doors lies the picturesque Royal Mile crammed with tourists, traders and charlatans. There is an eight-foot-high Yoda, a living metal woman and a man trying to coax a small boy onto a bed of nails. Amongst it all, guides hustle forburke&hare trade which is predominantly fantasy and horror themed tours. Perhaps this is not surprising in the city where Burke and Hare once profited from robbing graves to supply corpses to the nearby medical school.

However, it is a paradox that I am spending my days discussing God’s light while darkness is being peddled through the wall.

Yet leaving this aside, a more positive observation can be made.  Since our curiosity with death at least illustrates we are the only species on earth to know it. Because we have been gifted consciousness even if it is revels in dungeons and dragons. More importantly, we are all too aware of the powers of evil and good that flow through creation.

Here then is the key to reopen the door to those who feel ‘religion’ has nothing for them.  For every human has a spiritual dimension and the only question is how it is used. God too  is still talking to those who will listen. And we as Christians believe Christ is active turning dark to light daily. All we need do is be part of this spiritual tour de force.


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