Life a maze?

Hampton-Court-FMany years ago, when I was working in central London, I took a Sunday trip out to Hampton Court. Well, let me tell you, it is indeed a magnificent Tudor building which is well worth the visit. However, towards mid-afternoon, I realised I needed to leave soon to catch my train. For some reason, I then chose to enter Hampton Court’s famous maze. Why, I don’t know! Cutting the story short, I managed to find its centre (several times) but not the way out. The man who is meant to sit on a high seat and direct you seemed to have gone for his tea. The more I turned this way and that, the more flustered I became. Eventually I did escape and after a run to the station got my train.

Well, all of that is to illustrate that life too can appear just like Hampton Court’s maze. The away ahead seems deceptively simple, but then complications, barriers and wrong turns abound. Nevertheless, Jesus’ guidance is available to help discover the route through. More importantly, he doesn’t just shout out directions from on high, he is in the maze with us showing each step of the way. Better still, he doesn’t take breaks.

If you feel puzzled, trapped even lost, give Christ a call; he’s always ready to answer.


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