Cut down to grow

My favourite place is spoiled. I enjoy the drive up the narrow road and across the dam. I love the journey along the edge of the dark forbidding waters. But it at the reservoir’s end that I discover peace. Since you can park in an isolated spot and wander in the pine forest for hours.

However, making this trip a few days ago, I found the hillside barren. The trees had been felled. Their wood stacked as lifeless logs. My haven’s view was bare and desolate.

Yet in the increased sunlight I saw the new saplings growing lustily. I realised that life was moving on. And so, a new beginning had already started for my oasis of calm. One day it will return even if it looks different.

My point is that there can never be a fresh start without endings. We cannot reach a better place without change. In fact, it’s in our felling of what has reached its time that we uncover what to do next. For our tomorrow is born in our today.



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