Stuck behind a tractor?


You know the feeling! You are driving along a narrow country road behind a  tractor dawdling along. A queue of traffic is now building up as there is no place to pass.



What can we do?

We could let your blood pressure increase. We are also tempted to take a dangerous risk. Or, as the Farming Community Network suggests, we can take the time to reflect. Take the time to give thanks. Take time to offer praises to God.

But why?


Well, most of us don’t worry about having something to eat. Since, in our first-world consumer society, we take food security for granted. More to the point, we are so divorced from the sources of our nutrition, we never give it a second thought.

So, looking at the tractor, let us give a prayer of intercession for those who grow our food, process our food and distribute our food.




In fact, many in our food chain may find the pressures of hours, finances and working conditions more of a curse than a blessing.


On their behalf then, we can also speak up so that they get a better deal for the service they give us. In particular, let’s insist that no one is being exploited.



So, when you get stuck behind that tractor take a deep breath, smile and wave at the farmer and ask for God’s blessing on his family and work.


And if you are late for your appointment, let others understand why! We have received better food for thought.




Happy harvest to you all.









2 thoughts on “Stuck behind a tractor?

  1. I think it is funny when city slickers move to our county and complain when the farmers are irrigating and their cars get sprayed with water.

    I would love to see every high school student work on a farm for the summer. They would learn what hard work is and would appreciate their food a lot more.

    1. Thanks for your valuable comment.

      When I used this story in a sermon on Sunday, I realised I needed to listen as I can get impatient behind a tractor. I’ll look at the farmer differently in future.

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