Message In The Bottle

Great story for life…

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I was resting in a hammock, in the shades of some palm trees. Relaxed, enjoying the soothing warmth of the sunshine and the cold air from the sea filled with the scent of salt. The sun has just risen and its heat has been just the perfect. The beach is quiet, it would be starting filling up soon, but till then I’m gonna be here alone lost in my thoughts. I have always liked the beach, not so much the water. I would usually spend my Sundays here, drive early in the morning and spend few hours just looking up to the waves coming in, and gazing towards the blanket of water, till it meets the sky.

Slowly, the beach started having visitors, to get away from this ruckus I decided to have a walk. Soon I was alone again, walking along the summit of water and land. The waves…

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