An imperfect picture

photographer-2256456__340Does my digital camera take sharp images?

Until a few days ago, I was doubtful. However, I took a ‘selfie’ for my website. To my dismay, it recorded every crag and gulley on my face with pin-sharp accuracy.

This is difficult on two levels. It wounds my vanity of still being young. But also, we live in a world that worships perfection and discards anything less so. At least my little ‘snatch-box’ has a good lens.

Tyto_albaYesterday I heard a real boon in an imperfection. For Barn Owls have one ear lower than the other. As a result, unlike us who hear only in 2 dimensions, they can locate a source of sound in 3D.

Perhaps we need to value imperfections more. I think God does. In fact, in Christ, he loves us not despite our faults but for our faults.

Why? Because imperfection allows for better.

Let’s then love our ‘selfies’ as the pictures of who we are and maps of who we could yet be.






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