My Personal 9/11 Story – Never, Ever Forget 

The memory that doesn’t go away.

Ten Thousand Days

This is my personal 9/11 story. It involves my very best friend, the same Mike from my first post in this blog My Story

Last year our personal story was told by Mike Rowe on his “The Way I Heard It” podcast, the episode called “You Don’t Know Mike”. It went viral and was seen and heard by millions of people.


16 years ago this past week I was sent to the East Coast on business with Wild Oats Markets.
It was 16 years ago today that co-worker/friend Simonand I finished our work several hours early in Westport, Connecticut. We suddenly had a free afternoon and evening. So we quickly checked out of our hotel and headed to New York City (the afternoon before our scheduled mid-day September 11th flight out of La Guardia Airport in NYC).

We heard that the Yankees were home and that Roger Clemens…

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