Money and profession

Think this post through for yourself.

M S Mathan

From people of developed country to least developed nation,Everyone have been running to earn money.Is money important for our happiness? yes of course.No one can deny this fact.Money is important for our life.But only money is not enough to make our everyday life happy.

In my country,I saw many people who used to blame the work process and still being in the same occupation.They just needed the income out of it.I saw many government officials who often do their work properly.They do their work without commitment.Because,In government service,they assure you good income,allowances,job security,less work pressure.So people are applying to that profession without seeing whether this will be suited for him/her or not.They just needed an occupation.Thats it.Eventually it ends up in lack of commitment,lack of determination,lack of honesty etc.So it suffers not only the inner being of that person.But also It affects all stakeholders who are all related to that…

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