80 days to God’s Kingdom

330px-Mark_Beaumont_-_1Who cares about Phineas Fogg when the Space Station can go around the world in 100 minutes? I am, of course, talking about Jules Verne’s Victorian hero who endeavors to orbit the globe in 80 days.

Normally, the answer is no one.

Except, two days ago, the Scotsman Mark Beaumont went around the earth on a bicycle in 79 days – and that’s news!


330px-Mark_Beaumont_-_2But to achieve this, Mark had to pedal for 16 hours to cover 240 miles every day. He says, that throughout his epic journey, he single-mindedly focused on each 4-hour stint in the saddle. It was just one rotation of the wheels after another.
Jesus spoke repeatedly of the Kingdom. He both described it and showed us the route to it. However, somehow getting there seems so difficult. If we are daunted at trying to bring God’s Kingdom near, let’s take a leaf out of our marathon cyclist book. We should think of only taking one step at a time. And by that, God’s arms will stretch right around this good Earth.


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