Does humanity still exist?

A very good question!

M S Mathan

It was a busy day of one morning I was walking on the road side platform in chennai(one of the metro city of India).Almost I was near to my house where me and my four friends have been living to prepare for civil service examination.

Usually that particular road is filled with heavy traffic.In India,yellow board denotes the call taxis and white board denotes the normal vehicles.In that busy road,one taxi driver was struggling to start his car as his car’s battery was weak.So the driver needs few people to push it forward start his car.When I was crossing the driver,he called me sir could you please push my car? I said yeah sure.He said,sir please wait a moment to call few more to push the car.So i was waiting along with him.He called five people,but no one was ready to help him.Each of them said different reasons and moved…

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