What birds in a hurricane teach us

saint-michel-brittany-monastery-1151618_1280Hurricane Irma recently hit the Caribbean and Florida. Now, our major concern was for the humans caught up in it. But we could ask about these storms’ effect on wildlife.

Some birds start their migration early and so get out of the way. Others hang on for dear life and let the gale pass through. But a few species have a very clever strategy. They get themselves into the eye of the hurricane where there are peaceful blue skies. There they fly in circles keeping in this oasis of peace as the centre slowly travels along its track of destruction. Then when the hurricane is over they make a new life where they find themselves.

Something of this is helpful when we face the storms of life. While we all wish to avoid them, that is not always possible. Instead we ‘hunker down’ and hang on until the whole problem blows over. But our circling birds teach us another way. That is to hang on to Christ and his haven of peace. Then, with faith, move to where his calm prevails. At the end, we may find ourselves in a different location. Yet we can and will make a new home there. Since, wherever we are, we will be God-centred.

sunrise city
Christ as presence

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