Time for change



Romans 6.1-11

There used to be an advert on the TV of a father sitting having a healthy breakfast cereal in his jogging gear. His son is skeptical of his dad’s change of lifestyle. The father leaves the house claiming to be going running but takes the car with the comment – “Little at a time, James, little at a time”


Paul too knew we can start with the best intentions to change but backslide. Old habits pop up at the first sign of weakness. We reopen the bin where we threw them away. It is then we feel we are back where we started. That’s why, in his Letter to the Romans, he talks about Christ’s resurrection. For, if we wish to change, our risen Lord will be with us every step of the way. He is beside us to encourage, strengthen and even cajole. He is indeed our faithful companion on the bumpy road.

Psychological studies show it usually takes six weeks to make or break a habit. If then we find we can’t do something today, don’t assume you will never be able to do it. Try it again tomorrow or next week. Since we can be different if we have Christ to help us. Or as D L Moody reminds, “Your character is simply a long habit continued.”

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