Theory of Everything


There are many moving scenes in the film ‘The Theory of Everything’. For who cannot be fascinated by the life of Professor Stephen Hawking. Diagnosed with motor neurone disease when he was only aged 21; his life expectancy was only 2 years. Yet this brilliant cosmologist defied the odds and lived on to see his work in theoretical physics receive global acclaimed. Today his famous high backed wheel chair and electronic voice is also now in every corner of the world.
But, towards the end of the movie, he is asked that if he does not believe GodGid what is his philosophy for life. He says that hope lies in the limitless imagination and creativity of the human mind; it is as boundless as the universe.
Whilst we or may not agree with him on his theology, we must embrace the wonder of human capabilities when harnessed for good. And, for those of us of belief, it remains the greatest gift of God. May it then always be a blessing to his creation.



Great Quote

After his Final Examinations at Oxford university, he told its staff, “If you award me a First, I will go to Cambridge. If I receive a Second, I shall stay in Oxford, so I expect you will give me a First.”[59]

He was held in higher regard than he believed; as his Tutor Robert Berman commented, the examiners “were intelligent enough to realise they were talking to someone far cleverer than most of themselves”

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