God the artist



God what a riot you must have had creating the world

Like letting loose with a giant box of crayons

Dabbing some orange here, some yellow there, big blobs of red and green and blue for good measure

And then defining the broad strokes with precision and fine detailing creating boundaries that separate, not to exclude but so that each enhances the other.

Colours that constantly change in the light, fading in and out, taking centre stage in some moments and fading into the background, quietly supporting, in others.

And, whether in public view or hidden away, still your glory shines through in all its marvellous detail.

And we, on whom you place so much value, worry that we can’t compete for your love, when all the time, you give us all that we need – and more, to share.

God give us your generosity and compassion so that we may never withhold from others the richness you have given us for the life of the world.

by Liz Crumlish, Path of Renewal      14067517_1231295756911936_1391560983021297587_n

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