Deep Pool of Peace

With Easter rapidly approaching, I found myself wondering what is the difference between it and Christmas. Of course, one is about birth and the other death and life eternal. But there is also a dissimilarity in atmosphere. For, whilst Christmas has been commercialised almost out of recognition, it seems that  Easter is less so. Maybe this season’s themes are just too deep to be trivialised by the advertisers.  Since the very nature of our Lord’s passion and resurrection beckons us into thinking through the big questions;  what is it ‘all about’ and  what am I ‘all about’?


Yet in this era of fake and real news, populist and reasoned politics, twitter feeds and texts we struggle just to stop the mind for just a few seconds. Indeed, we become uncomfortable nowadays without constant stimulation of our eyes and ears. And so we must be more disciplined, we must take charge of the situation and we must apply the ‘brakes’. Concisely, we need to get the Easter spirit.


Well that is all fine and dandy, in principle, but how we start?


The Renfrew born theologian, John Macquarrie once described God as a fathomless limpid pool with the visible universe the mere ripples on its surface.  It is that image’s profundity that invites us to close the doors, switch off the devices and press the pause button on life.  Then through the Easter story, let us submerge ourselves in the deepest meaning of God. Since that is the way to the truth and life of Christ risen. That is the way to find out what each of us is ‘all about’. That indeed is the entry point to our own Cross and our own resurrection.


May we find the spirit and its reward this Eastertide.


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