The Patrolman’s warning

Who has not said a silent prayer of thanks on the arrival of the repair van when we have broken down far  from home. This was the situation anticipated many years ago in Britain. For the government has introduced currency controls and as a result most had decided to have a holiday within the country.  The Automobile Association therefore purchased a fleet of motorcycles with sidecar boxes full of parts and tools ready to repair vehicles that had let thier owner’s down.

But the AA started for another reason than rescuing stranded motorists. The association’s original purpose was to warn of speed traps. In the early days of motoring inthe UK, the local constable would stand on a stretch of road with a stop watch and apprehend cars exceeding a very low speed limit. To counter this, an AA patrolman on his bike would either salute members if the coast was clear or ignore them if the cops were about. In fact, memberships were sold on the basis of their being cheaper than a fine.

Let us pray
Lord God, warn us when we are going wrong
Encourage us when we are heading
In thr right direction
And ever be with us
On all our journeying.


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