Good old days?

The outdoor museum gave a real snapshot of Victorian life. The wing-collared tram driver was friendly. The starched shop assistants were informative. The stable lads were jocular. For the children,  the sweet shop with its smell of hot sugar was the best. The mother was fascinated by the drapers where every purchase was wrapped in brown paper and string on long counters. But for dad it was the hardware store and its cleverly complex tools that captured his imagination. No wonder then he proclaimed ruefully that it had been a much better time to live as he took another photograph with his digital camera. Mum said the same as checked her phone for news of her elderly mother’s hip operation. But the children were less sure as they checked out their friends on Facebook. They had seen the harsh schooling, the habitual early mortality and the horrors of child labour. They has seen something else – the sign at the museum’s entrance which announced – welcome to your past; rose tinted spectacles are free.

Let us pray
Lord, let us treasure from the past
What deserved to be treasured.
Let us expect from the present
What we should expect.
And let us hope for the future
What you will for us
And all humankind.


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