Unlocking the Joy of Authenticity

Religionless Faith

I’ve recently undergone a paradigm shift with respect to one of life’s most important questions. Whenever we ask, “What’s my purpose in life?” or, “What has God called me to do?” we’re not so much asking what we were meant to do as who we were born to be. There’s a deeper, more searching question behind questions about purpose in life.

In other words, we’re suffering an identity crisis. And your God-given purpose and calling in life flows from living authentically.

The problem is, what most of us present to the world isn’t necessarily our real self. It’s a combination of fear-based behavior, bad habits and poverty-stricken thinking. Our real or authentic self lies buried beneath a veritable mountain of insecurities and inhibitions.

The real question is, “How do I move this mountain of doubt, fear and insecurity and live authentically?”

There’s a reason we desire to be authentic, to…

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